I’m back.

My intent in October 2012 was to learn to blog, and blog regularly through 2013. Instead starting January 2013, I took a brief sabbatical from the music business and took a job at CREATIVE KITCHEN which is a creative production company that creates video/radio commercials and psa’s.  I decided to devote my entire focus last year on learning this new trade and my employers generously invested in me by sending me to video editing school at thetrainingfarm.com in New York City for a week during the summer where I studied Adobe Premiere Pro.  It was scary to walk away from performing jazz regularly for a while but I felt I needed to take some time to adjust to aquiring new skills. a new time schedule, and more importantly time to study a new trade.

In January 2014 local saxophonist Alisha Pattillo asked me if I was interested in co-hosting a jazz jam at Costas Elixir Lounge at 415 Westheimer on Thursday nights.  I’m glad she did. I miss playing jazz so much and wanted to resume working as a musician in Houston but feared I may have done irreparable damage to all my contacts and connections for being gone so long from the music scene in Houston.  However slowly but surely playing opportunities are trickling in and I am grateful.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to take a year and grow in a new direction.  I’m also grateful to be a part of such a great creative culture of music in Houston that has welcomed me back with open arms.

If you get a chance come visit me at The Thursday Night Jam @ Costas Elixir Lounge, 415 Westheimer (between Avante Garden and Sorrentos) 8-11 every Thursday, free valet.  You’ll see a chick bass player revitalized and on fire to make some great music again :)

New facelift for erinwright.com

I am converting my website into a blog site and intend to update it regularly once I navigate the learning curve for WordPress. But for now I have lots of good news.

1. I have found a new home for the Tuesday Night Jam Session and boy it’s a good one! Starting October 30, 2012 at Convivio 7-10pm the jam returns. Click on the link and I dare you not to salivate. Affordable prices, beautiful atmosphere, open to all ages and most importantly the owner Marta had a brother who was a great guitarist in Spain… so she is as passionate about good music as she is her excellent cuisine. It’s a good thing to work for people who love music ;) I cannot properly express how excited I am about this new location!

2. Stephanie Lienhard who is the loving wife of Jazzhouston.com founder/jazz pianist Andrew Lienhard has opened a beautiful shop on Studewood called the Sparrow and the Nest has agreed to sell some of my crafty items (betcha didn’t know I was crafty too). So click on the link, visit her shop, you’ll be glad you did …it’s a great place. Right now she is selling my handsewn art wraps, japanese paper dolls, and day of the dead greeting cards. I am working on putting together a workshop for kids to make their own day of the dead doll greeting cards.

3. Things are going great at Writers in the Round and currently I have many students studying guitar, ukulele, and bass. I have a couple of openings so contact me if you’re looking for a teacher… besates@aol.com.

Stay tuned I plan to update regularly, so for now off to study the WordPress manual.



Ps. I am performing this Thursday night October 4th at the Phoenicia Downtown Market 8-11pm with the great bassist David Craig.